Saturday, April 26, 2014

William Shakespeare Monument

William Shakespeare Monument Lincoln Park

When Samuel Johnston, a successful north side businessman, died in 1886, he left a sizeable gift in his will for several charities as well as money for a memorial to William Shakespeare in Lincoln Park. A competition was held to select a sculptor. The winner was a Columbia University graduate, William Ordway Partridge (1861–1930), who had studied sculpture in France and Italy after a short stint as an actor.

The William Shakespeare Monument was fully conserved in the late 1980s and it has received several smaller treatments since that time. This sculpture is one of the first to depict Shakespeare in authentic clothing.

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THEME: "In and around Chicago" - All the pictures in this series are monuments, sculptures and fountains shot at various parks in Chicago. View the entire pictures in this sequence here.


  1. You have a great theme and I enjoyed reading this one. I'll be back to read again. AtoZer


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